Advantage Exchange Company has developed, in accordance with the IRS guidelines, a program for delayed exchanges which simplifies even the most complex transactions. The independent third-party status of Advantage, coupled with unilateral control of all proceeds from the exchange, greatly reduces the problems associated with "agent relationship" and "constructive receipt". In other words, Advantage is an independent entity in the transaction and is not an agent of any party in the exchange process.

Other features of the Advantage program include the potential to easily combine the value of several properties into the exchange process; the ability to easily move assets from one state to another; and the ability to preserve the tax position of an exchange, even when an owner finds it difficult to complete a simultaneous exchange transaction.

This last point is very important. Many times a property owner, while attempting to complete a tax deferred exchange will encounter difficulties in completing a simultaneous transfer of title. Often times the owner will elect to (or more often be forced to) close the transaction as a sale - and thereby accept the tax consequences of an outright sale. In this situation, Advantage can be called upon to quickly assist the owner in structuring the transaction as an exchange, thereby avoiding the unwanted taxable sale.